Paying for intramural sports at Ohio University

A recent Post article detailed students’ General Fee and where it is all spent.

In this article it says students pay about $10.24 per student on intramural sports and more than $200,000 total, per year.

What is interesting about this number is how much this is when compared to other things on campus.

This cost is more than students pay for “residence life” aka dorms. 

It is also more funding than the Marching 110 gets, despite the acclaim the band receives, and also Halloween safety.

Now I realize many students play intramurals and so the cost definitely benefits the students, but it seems to me it could be divided out more to fund the band and keeping students safe on Halloween.

Safety should be number one priority on a college campus, but students are paying two times more for intramurals than being safe on one of the biggest college parties in the country with crowds around 15,000 – 20,000.

Not to mention intramurals are not free for students as a result of this payment. Students are still required to pay either $30 or $50 per team depending on the sport

If students are paying just to play, what does the general fee really pay for? The facilities are run by Ping Recreation Center which has its own fees.

Students should not have to pay this much and still have to pay to play. It should be one or the other.


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