Ohio University was offering a new sport this year during its second spring session sign-ups.

            Sign-ups for this spring session, held from March 11-13, included sports such as dodgeball, flag football, 11 vs. 11 soccer and badminton. The new sport joining the ranks is kickball.

            This session’s sign-ups were considered a success with each sport getting at least 12 teams to sign up, including nearly 40 teams for soccer.

            “The (sign-ups) have gone pretty well, we had a pretty good turnout for flag football and 11 on 11 soccer,” Theresa Ianni, the Student Director for Registration and Public Relations, said.

            Ianni also said it took time for students to realize kickball was offered, while dodgeball and badminton also had good turnouts.

            Badminton had 12 total teams sign up, 39 for soccer, 38 for flag football, 25 for dodgeball and 21 for kickball.

            The signups and intramural program are run by the staff at the Charles J. Ping Recreation Center. The sign-ups are held over three days because so many people sign up that if it was all in one day it would take too long.

            “The first day you come into work and see everyone lining up against the wall and it’s kind of like, ‘uh wow’,” Devon Pine, Program Assistant and Incoming Director of Special Events, said. “But then once you sit down and take everyone one at a time it is definitely less intimidating and the line goes really fast.”

            On March 11 and 12, soccer, flag football and badminton teams were allowed to sign up. On March 12 and 13, kickball and dodgeball sign-ups were offered.

            All sports are offered with different types of games. Teams can be considered recreational or competitive. Competitive teams have a single-elimination playoff at the end of the year, play three season games instead of the five that are played in recreational league, and have a deposit that is not returned.

Also, men’s and women’s only teams are offered as well as co-ed teams.

            Kickball offers a new experience students can enjoy, whether they have played an intramural sport before or not.

            “I’ve never done an intramural sport and it’s my fifth year of college so I wanted to do one before I graduated,” fifth-year senior Brittany Buynack said. “I live with two guys and one other girl so we wanted to do a co-ed team and we thought kickball would be really fun thing to do. It doesn’t take too much focus or too much skill, but it would be a lot of fun.”

            Sign-ups are held at Ping from 6-9 pm with multiple tables set up to accommodate all the students.

            Ping employees described the lines as wrapping around both walls toward the entrance every season because of the mass popularity of intramural sports at Ohio University.

            Because of the popularity, some sports fill up, such as flag football and basketball in the winter, which results in students not being able to get into a sport that they really wanted.

            “You have some people that get really disappointed that they didn’t get their spot and show anger because they waited in line so long and couldn’t get their spot,” Adrienne Gossett, a Program Assistant, said.

            Once teams get signed up, captain meetings are held in the following few days. Captain meetings allow one member of each team to show up and get explained the rules of their game as well as what to expect for the upcoming season.

            Captain’s meetings were held from March 13-19 for all the different sports.

            Depending on the type of sport, a team fee is also due at sign-ups. For competitive teams, a fee of either $30 or $50 is due depending on the size of the team.

            Recreational teams owe a $30 or $50 fee as well, but it is only a deposit. The deposit is returned to those teams at the end of the season while the competitive team fee is not returned.

            The program’s rules do not explicitly state why the competitive team fee is not refunded while the recreational deposit is refunded.

            Another rule is that any student currently on an Ohio University varsity sport cannot participate in an intramural sport that is the same sport they play or considered similar to it.

            Ping staffers are allowed to participate in the sports as well if they so choose.

            The season’s games started on March 18 and will continue through April 18 for all sports in the second spring session.



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