Scripps Hall Farewell Event Audio Slideshow

This is an audio slideshow of the Scripps Hall Farewell Event on April 26.


Why are college intramurals important?

Intramurals have been a staple on college campuses for many years. This is especially true at Ohio University, where the program was started all the way back in 1890.  Intramurals are a way for students to play a game they love with friends while also fueling that competitive fire they have.  Most students that play intramurals did not have the skill to play that sport in college, but still want to find a fun and organized way to play it.

This week was signup week at Ohio University for the first of two intramural sessions in the spring. This session will run through mid-March, then the second session will start.  An intramural sport gives students something to do outside of school to keep them busy. It is proven that students involved in extra-curricular activities are more likely to do well in school. Ohio University is known as one of the top five party schools in the country, which is why intramurals are so important here. Without them, that is one less thing for students to do in a town like Athens devoid of much else outside of the campus. It gives students a fun, organized and competitive atmosphere that can only expressed in sports.

Intramural Sports at Ohio University

My name is Todd Ward and I am a junior at Ohio University. I have many friends involved with intramurals around Ohio University, including the students who run the program. I love writing about sports and this is a way for me to not only cover sports, but a different side of sports rather than just the usual collegiate athletic teams. I have written about many of Ohio University’s sports teams and this will give me a new challenge to cover.

This blog will be a way to talk about how important intramural sports are to Ohio University students.  This blog will cover the impact intramurals make on campus, the popularity among the student population, the favorite games students like to play, how serious students take/don’t take the games, the reasons why every sport is co-ed, and the overall benefits intramurals can bring to a college campus.  Ohio University offers 17 different intramural sports throughout the year and the school is always adding new ones.  This blog will cover why the popularity and demand is so high for intramural sports.